duckfaucet: notifications

Hello, When visiting my website, you can allow notifications (pop-up appears on top of the site, also on this page if you haven't denied/allowed it yet.)
This service is provided by PropellerAds (also the pop-ups shown on my website after clicking on certain pages.) They send a few ads a day and if you click on them, you are sponsoring me a few pennies = thanks for that!

New from July 2018: I can send also notifications of my own through this service with some info about changes, competition, news etc = earning 15 satoshi when you click on them!
Be sure you don't destroy cookies from your device because I use them to recognize you and add the satoshi to your account.

How to allow notifications?

click on 'allow' on the pop-up

There will be shown a pop-up screen on the top of the page. The name of my website will be mentioned. You can choose if you want to deny or allow receiving notifications. Click on allow.
That's it! After a while (hours/next day) you will receive notifications: ads and personal sent notifications from webmaster.

What to do when you earlier denied it?

click green logo before website
If you denied/blocked notifications earlier because you didn't know what to do with it, you can adjust this. Click when you are on my site on the logo before the website title (normally green, see picture) and choose notification (in your language) and change from block to allow.

You might need to refresh the page and click again on allow as written in the first step above.